online dating tips

Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

online dating profile picture tips

Choosing dating site profile pictures

How to Choose a Hot Photo for Hot or Not

Whether you like Hot or Not, Rate O Meter, Rate My Looks, or Rate My Foot (that’s a joke…at least we hope it is) then you are no doubt very interested to know what kind of picture you should upload for your dating profile. The idea of a “rate me!” feature on a dating site is a great one, not only for ice breakers (some sites actually have a rate my photo feature in addition to a chat and browse function), but also for anonymously testing your dating photo before you post it on a well populated dating site. Continue reading Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

What to Write on Dating Profile

how to write a good dating profile

So, was your last profile description a disaster? Did you notice all your new friends suddenly went invisible every time you showed up? This is what you call virtual BO. And that usually results from a bad profile description which avoid as from having a good dating profile. We’re not even going to discuss a bad profile picture, because you should know by now that pictures of ALF are not going to win you any points. Your dates want honesty, attractiveness and a nice image showing success. Continue reading What to Write on Dating Profile

Ambient Intimacy – are you inside or outside your relationships?

ambient intimacy

I came across this brilliant TED talk by Renny Gleeson a few weeks back and it made me very thoughtful about how our social environment has changed over the years. Due to technology & social networks many of us are no longer inside our relationships but outside looking in. No doubt this would have occurred in the past but now technology & the environment support us in viewing/sharing our relationships rather than enjoying & participating in them. Check out Renny’s talk & let me know in the comments how you feel about his perspective. Its funny & enjoyable to watch whilst making a statement about our technological social life. Continue reading Ambient Intimacy – are you inside or outside your relationships?

Love and adventure

love and adventure

Love and relationships = risk

This is enough to turn some people off even setting out on this adventure. Some after experiencing the losses & costs may alter their behavior so as to minimize the loss & the transformation that calls itself Love. However like any great adventure these journeys are not to be missed or even to be minimized in their experience. Any good explorer or adventurer would tell you that the unknown carries with it inherent risks and no guarantees but would also encourage you to prepare and proceed so as not to miss the experience (one of the greatest that Life offers).
Continue reading Love and adventure