Religious Differences in Online Dating, Does it Matter?

religious differences
One of the most commonly asked questions by online dating sites is what type of religious affiliation are you, or perhaps what type of religion are you open to dating. Why are religious differences important? Isn’t it much better if we all live in a peaceful world and get along regardless of differences?

Fat chance of that! Seriously, asking a couple to love each other regardless of religious, national, moral and ethical differences is next to impossible. It’s one thing to be tolerant of another person’s beliefs. However, coexisting with a person who sees things very differently than you do is a recipe for disaster.

Why Faith Matters

No other personality difference is as intensely difficult as religious or philosophical conflict. Some single individuals might be open to the idea of dating someone else of another faith, at least at first. However, over time it becomes apparent that where there is philosophical disagreement, there is conflict. What happens if two people of opposing faiths have children? What if they cannot live together without arguing?

different religious in online dating

After all, there are numerous sects and divisions even among Christians, Jews and Hindus. In fact, few singles will find agreement and unity in a relationship just because they have broad similarities with their partner. It’s the niches, the specifics, that truly create soul mates.

This is precisely why dating websites usually have the option to filter in or out the wrong type of people—namely people that have opposing religion views. Think about how miserable a relationship would be if a Christian married an atheist or a Jewish person married a Buddhist. The philosophical and lifestyle differences would simply be too stressful to live with!

Lifestyle Similarity

Often times, singles use filtering tools to get rid of undesirable matches in terms of lifestyle. Some non-religious singles (or people part of a niche religion) may not be opposed to casual encounters. Still, someone who is conservative or Christian may only be interested in dating for marriage.

Of course, lovers can always lie about their intentions online. It’s easy for a man to claim he’s interested in a committed relationship while trying to pressure his date for a casual encounter. This is why many Christians will only date other Christians. They want to find not only shared values but also shared lifestyles. They want to find a perfect match, someone that fits their life as is. Few people actually want to rearrange their lifestyles just to meet an attractive new friend!

A Great Conversation Starter

There is no better conversation starter than a chat about common upbringings, shared philosophies and similar goals. So using a religious/lifestyle filter is actually a great way to accelerate the relationship and find someone you are truly compatible with. There is always more to talk about when the two of you have had similar backgrounds, have mutual agreements on God, life, death, and perspective.

Best of all, the two of you can build a relationship based on a strong foundation of shared viewpoints. These are the types of relationships that go the distance. A relationship cannot last if the only mutual interests are sex, a good sense of humor and general “niceness.” There are simply too many interesting people in the world.

The best way to build a strong foundation is to find a partner that shares your inner core of emotions, of faith and of integrity. This is why shared religious views are so important. What about you? If you are looking for a long-term relationship why not start being a little more discriminate about your choices and search for a soul mate—someone who completely understands where you have been and where you are going?