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Tips for Online Dating You Should Know

This is a cliche but let me say: no man is an island.

Yes, as long as we breathe, we live as social creatures. We have this innate longing for companion- for someone to talk to, to listen, to comfort. Even the person who people think to be cold has another individual by his or her side. When one feels alone, it is like all the ghosts of life haunt him or her. When one has no one to call his or hers, there is an emptiness that tends to grow.

Many resort to Online Dating so lot of people are trying look for information like “internet relationship advice“. The web offers a number websites where you could meet, make friends, and, have relationship with persons who are registered in these websites. You simply don’t what story of friendship or love that is waiting for you. When you are single, with that it means you may be someone really single, divorced, widow, widower- online dating is there. Just like any kind of dating, one needs to equip his or her self with the different tips needed to make the most out of it.

There are these traditional dating strategies that work out and will always work out:

For women, it is not commendable to so assertive and goes after the men they want or like. Being discreet and waiting for that man is a better way. As to men, playing as if the “timid” one who is just too shy when it comes to meeting and interacting with the opposite sex is not good at all. Look for the girl that you desire to be with in your life–with confidence.

Talking about sexual topics when you do not know your date yet that well is not good at all. Verbal foreplay will just let the two of you focus on this aspect, get carried away and forget about the more important sides of the newly-found bond. This must be avoided another thing is not to have a sexual relationship before being committed. It might also be the reason for the possible distruction of the relationship you have built with him or her. So it is of great significancce to find ideas like “online dating advice” in order to avoid some bad practices that is a ‘turn-off’ to your online date.

Remain truthful and be yourself-do not pretend-as you are on the online dating process. This will enable both of you to know each other really well and know if you are compatible with each other. It can just make a relationship weaker and weaker when you are pretending more and more.

Never test your partne
r if he or she has the potential to hurt you if you are afraid of getting hurt again. This is not healthy for the relationship. Please note, do not expect a lot and be disappointed that easily. Every person is unique so do not let the other person be who you want her or him to be. Any way, there are still lots of dating opportunities which you can take advantage to and there are lots of online dating resources such as “online dating service guide” which can help you to succeed in your upcoming date meeting.

The best tip is this: to enjoy every moment and to get to know and eventually grow in love without the pressure of making everything the way you only want it to be.

Ambient Intimacy – are you inside or outside your relationships?

ambient intimacy

I came across this brilliant TED talk by Renny Gleeson a few weeks back and it made me very thoughtful about how our social environment has changed over the years. Due to technology & social networks many of us are no longer inside our relationships but outside looking in. No doubt this would have occurred in the past but now technology & the environment support us in viewing/sharing our relationships rather than enjoying & participating in them. Check out Renny’s talk & let me know in the comments how you feel about his perspective. Its funny & enjoyable to watch whilst making a statement about our technological social life. Continue reading Ambient Intimacy – are you inside or outside your relationships?

Love and adventure

love and adventure

Love and relationships = risk

This is enough to turn some people off even setting out on this adventure. Some after experiencing the losses & costs may alter their behavior so as to minimize the loss & the transformation that calls itself Love. However like any great adventure these journeys are not to be missed or even to be minimized in their experience. Any good explorer or adventurer would tell you that the unknown carries with it inherent risks and no guarantees but would also encourage you to prepare and proceed so as not to miss the experience (one of the greatest that Life offers).
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