How to Chat with Older Lovers Online

older lovers online

The phenomenon of younger/older couples dating is relatively new, and due no doubt to the advent of Internet dating, as well as the new mainstream popularity of May-December relationships, thanks to some well-publicized celebrity couples. Whereas years ago, such a relationship might be seen as taboo, now it is relatively commonplace.

It’s easy to see why the attraction is there; it is instinctively alluring, as older singles take on the role of mentor for younger singles. Younger men may like the challenge of an older woman, or may relate more to an older woman’s intelligence. Similarly, a younger woman may find older men intellectually stimulating, and more confident and worldly-wise than guys her own age.

How to Approach an Older Single

Not all older singles are comfortable approaching younger singles, though they may in fact desire such a relationship. Society tends to look down on mixed age relationships, pressuring older individuals to stick with someone they “match.” This illusion of dating according to the right “league” is a damaging one, and can cause many singles to avoid going after the type of relationship they really want.

Due to this dynamic, a younger single may have to be the aggressor and start the conversation. Older singles may not be comfortable admitting their attraction to younger people on a profile page and may dreadfully fear rejection. This is why a younger person usually makes the first move.

For Younger Gents

Older woman online are all about conversation. They are probably used to being approached by dumb guys who aren’t even aware of their profile age. This is why you must immediately establish yourself as someone intellectually worthy of your date’s time. Don’t mess around with pick up lines or aggressive propositions. She’s been around for a while and responds most to emotional connections.

Older Woman

Do not get too personal with the questions too quickly. Your objective is to establish a fun rapport with your older date. Show your sense of humor, your unique qualities and your “best” in an ordinary conversation. Compliments are okay (when kept within reason), and older women are usually flattered by romantic attention from a younger man “out of their league.” It’s never polite to ask about age.

You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re romantically interested in her, but do not make your interest purely sexual, nor proclaim your attraction to older women as your sole motivation. Approach the age difference tactfully and focus on why you like her.

For Younger Dames

It takes a world of confidence for an older men to make a play for a younger woman. Older men will talk your ear off, but they will seldom make a move. To do so would require a high level of self-confidence and a positive body image. Confidence may come easy, but an older man capable of loving his body remains a challenge.

Older men respond to attention so don’t be afraid to make the first move. You don’t have to hide your attraction to older men. Don’t be too coy about your reason for chatting; instead, focus on why you like him. Choosing a common interest the two of you have is a great way to get a flirty conversation started without any added pressure or awkwardness that may come from dating.

Remember, if you feel good about the relationship’s potential, and give your older date no reason to second-guess himself, there is no harm done. However, if you have issues with the relationship, your mixed signals may come across.

Nowadays, younger/older dating is so easy! Why not give your elders a chance?