How to get a Girlfriend or Boyfriend Fast Using an Online Dating Site

get a boyfriend or girlfriend quickly

Are you lonely? Down on your luck trying to get a girlfriend or boyfriend? Stop complaining! It’s all about attitude and initiative. Work on your self-confidence and then take the initiative. Lucky for you, you no longer have to visit the bar scene nor attend community cooking classes. All you have to do is visit a dating site to schedule your next rendezvous!

Fastest Way to Get a Girlfriend or Boyfriend Using an Online Dating Site

Think Local First

Let’s get one thing straight. Unless you’re planning to fly to Europe next month, don’t even bother looking for a pen pal! This is just going to set you back for months and probably cause even more heartache and longing than you have right now. If you want to find a lover right away then think locally. Think about people that are within a 25-mile radius.

Of course, here is the catch. If you want a new girlfriend or boyfriend right away, you’re going to have to be a less discriminating than usual. A soul mate, a completely compatible person, is worth waiting for. The sooner you want to get involved in a messy but passionate affair, the more exceptions you’re going to have to make.

How can you talk a local cutie into falling for someone just like you? Don’t assume that the two of you are going to be compatible right away. In fact, you might never reach a state of true compatibility with the other person. However, for the sake of a fun night together, pretend as if you have just met the boy/girl of your dreams. Recognize that there are going to be major differences in your outlooks, philosophies and personal manners. Accept it and then embrace the idea of a one-night stand.

Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t trip all over yourself in trying to convince yourself that you’re going to find love right away. Love doesn’t happen just because you snap your fingers, Jeannie.

Get Your New Date Into Bed

fastest way to get a girlfriendThe best way to find a steady boyfriend or girlfriend is—of course—to have sex. Sex immediately creates an intimate bonding between two people, even if they didn’t have a lot in common before. Sex can actually make a person “needy”, so be careful what you wish for. There are exceptions to this obviously, and there are plenty of players that do get around town. This is why it’s important to remove yourself from the emotion of the experience and accept it as just one fun night.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to date and dump everybody you meet from now on. However, it is important that you match the relationship speed of your prospective boyfriend/girlfriend. You don’t want to be seen as a clingy or lovesick type. If your sex partner is second-guessing the relationship, then go along with the flow.

You may find that although you and your new partner do not have a commitment, you do seem to crave the other person, and more intensely than before. This may be a good sign that the two of you have boyfriend and girlfriend potential. Sometimes sexual compatibility determines whether you are a worthy lover for your new squeeze, and can jumpstart an actual relationship.

How To Score Properly

This scenario is very dependent on your first impression as a lover. If you are socially awkward or fumble around in the bedroom not pleasing your partner, then you can kiss the relationship potential goodbye. Start being a romantic early on. Center most of the conversation on your prospective partner. Flirt, have fun and laugh together. The more thrilling the events you attend, the better, since adrenaline helps to stir up passion.
Embrace the sexual tension and then invite yourself over (or your date to your house) for something innocent.

If you played your cards right you may be able to land a one-night stand and eventually a steady boyfriend or girlfriend.