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How to Turn a Guy Off Online

How to Turn a Guy Off Online
The very idea of turning a guy off might seem impossible! After all some guys are turned on by poop, and happen to think that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Indeed, you will find that most guys are not turned off by physical appearances at all. There are male lovers of every physical imperfection, from big beautiful women to even French women that don’t shave. Continue reading How to Turn a Guy Off Online

Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

online dating profile picture tips

Choosing dating site profile pictures

How to Choose a Hot Photo for Hot or Not

Whether you like Hot or Not, Rate O Meter, Rate My Looks, or Rate My Foot (that’s a joke…at least we hope it is) then you are no doubt very interested to know what kind of picture you should upload for your dating profile. The idea of a “rate me!” feature on a dating site is a great one, not only for ice breakers (some sites actually have a rate my photo feature in addition to a chat and browse function), but also for anonymously testing your dating photo before you post it on a well populated dating site. Continue reading Online Dating Profile Picture Tips