3 Online Dating Mistakes To Avoid

online dating mistakes to avoid
In searching online for the right woman, the dream girl, the woman of your dreams, men have the tendency to make foolish mistakes. And these mistakes lead to no dates. If you want to succeed with women, you have to know what they want (which can be VERY complicated sometimes) and you have to know how to make them perceive you as the guy they are looking for.

So follow a couple of these tips and find the girl without making too many mistakes.

In the work place, being over-aggressive, a perfectionist, and a good liar reap benefits for men. But in the dating world, these bring disaster. And this holds true in online dating.

Dating Mistake Number 1: Being over-aggressive

Being over-aggressive is a mistake that most men commit in seeking a date online. You do not want to appear over eager or desperate. Women hate guys who are needy. Especially pushing the woman too hard about meeting each other too soon. Women will definitely think that these men are psychos and it would be better to stay away from them. In contrast, patience must be practiced.

Dating Mistake Number 2: No woman is as good looking as her profile picture

No woman, no matter how hollywoodish her profile looks, is as good looking as her profile picture or as you want her to be. You are not perfect either. And the mistake here is that some men tend demand that the woman be perfect to his liking. This is just not the case. If you don’t like the woman’s smoking habit, then it’s up to you to accept it or not. If you choose to pursue her, then demanding that she eliminates her smoking is the worst thing to do. She ain’t perfect, and neither are you. There are millions of single women out there. Do not get fixated on one. If you settle for one that has habits you do not like, you may get stuck in a relationship that you have a hard time getting out of.

Dating Mistake Number 3: Lying

Those white lies are no-no’s. Men should be honest and women would appreciate honesty from the start. There is no reason to flat out lie about yourself. It can only come back to haunt you. Strong relationships are based on trust and if you start out lying about little things and the girl finds out about it, you will start to lose trust on the bigger things too. Never give out false information on you profile. This will mislead women. When women find out about youth white lies, they will drop you off your list.

Once you stop making these online dating mistakes you will start to get better responses from your winks and private messages. When you are confident and fun to be around, women will be attracted to you.
How To Succeed With Online Dating

Now that we’ve covered what not to do and how to avoid the many mistakes men sometimes make while trying to find a partner. Let’s talk about what to do with online dating to help you succeed with meeting women.

“Good advice from Audioslave: Be yourself

It’s easy to pretend you are someone else when you can hide behind your computer. But that can come back to bite you when you have to meet the girl who was impressed by what you pretended to write. You may run across online dating tips through other dating websites you browse through that talk about what to say and how to create an attractive profile. However, being yourself is the best policy. Yes, we all want to puff up our own feathers so to speak but you have to show your self eventually. You will keep yourself out of trouble when you are open and honest.

There are millions of fish in the sea

There are millions of singles out there. Do not be in a rush to get into a long term relationship on the first one. This means that you can take your time and be selective about the people you meet online. You don’t have to settle and instead, you get to pick and choose who you wish to talk and meet with. Do not get fixated on just one woman. Talk to several women. Get to know as many people as you can. If you want someone who is Christian, lives in your area and has a taste for eclectic music, you can weed through IM and email replies until you find a few women worthy of a second look and your precious time.

Another big tip is to put accurate photos on your profile. That is who you are and you should make no apologies for it but at the same time, you should also recognize the best way to put your best face forward.

Challenge Others

When you write your profile, be honest in what you are look for and challenge others to be honest too. Too many people often settle when they can hold on for something spectacular and if that is honestly expressed, you would be surprised at how many more responses this garners.

People head to the internet for online dating for a number of reasons such as no time to meet new people or simply to explore new horizons in love. Be open to new experiences. A person’s interests, passions in life and overall principles counts for a lot but what if that person does not fit into your particular parameters physically or they come from a different culture or background?

Just think of a spectacular person you might miss meeting because you were not open minded enough to correspond or meet with them. Take your time and again do not rush to get into a relationship with the first woman that responds no matter how lonely and desperate you may be.

Let go of preconceived notions because it challenges you to be a better person and opens up your world to new possibilities. After all, isn’t online dating about opening your small part of the world and letting in something new and different?

Follow these short and simple tips and you can experience love and friendship online with the millions of other singles out there who are looking for the same thing.