What Men Find Attractive In Women

Do you want to know what men find attractive in women? Yes, you do. That’s why you are here reading this article right now. This information can be useful to you, so you can make yourself more attactive to the man you want.

Physically, most men find feminine characteristics attractive in a woman. This means, they like women who are obviously women. The way that this is manifest can vary according to the individual of course and also according to culture, but you do not need me to tell you that physically the average woman is a different shape from the average man.

As well as the obvious fact that women have larger breasts and hips, women also tend to have longer legs in proportion to their torsos than men, smaller feet, longer slimmer fingers, less body hair, more body fat, smoother skin and higher and more arched eyebrows. In most cultures, they also tend to have longer hair on the head.

What Men Find Attractive In Women

So to make yourself more attractive to most men, no matter what you look like, you simply have to draw attention to or exaggerate your feminine characteristics. Here are some common ways that women do this:

– wear high heels (makes the legs look longer)
– shave legs and armpits
– do not be too thin
– wear makeup (makes the skin look smoother)
– pluck eyebrows from below if necessary (never from above)
– grow long hair
– grow nails (makes fingers look longer)
– wear clothes and jewelry that society currently considers feminine

You probably already knew that men tend to like women who do these things! But many people are not aware of the reason why. It is simply because these things emphasize the difference between men and women.

The opposite is generally true as well. Women tend to prefer men who have broad shoulders and narrow hips, some body hair, more muscle and less fat. Thick, straight eyebrows close over the eye are usually considered attractive in a man. If you look at the pictures of models in a magazine you can see all of these factors being stressed, depending whether the model is a man or a woman.

Some people believe that men are programmed to be hunters and this is why they do not like to be chased after, but prefer to pick out a woman who is not so easy to get. Whether this is true or not, it is always more rewarding and better for the self esteem to be around people who like you and want to be with you. So there is not much point in chasing after a man who really is not interested in you. The best relationships, like the best friendships, are always between two people who both like each other.

Characteristics of personality are harder to generalize about because fortunately, for every personality type that a woman can have, there are some men who will find that attractive. We could say that women tend to be more motherly and caring than men, therefore most men will like a woman who is caring. But some men do not want kids and will run a mile from a woman who seems motherly. Others will feel smothered by a very caring attitude – they like a more independent minded woman.

So when it comes to personality, the best advice is generally to be true to yourself and allow the jewels of your own nature to shine through, without trying to second guess what men find attractive in women.