How to read a Smile on a Profile Photo

how to read a Smile
Did you know that there are multiple levels of happy? Yes, though you might think that any smile is a big turn on, you may be surprised to know just what various online friends are REALLY saying with their smile. Let’s discuss some variations of the smile and how you can read a smile from a girl or a guy online.

How to read a smile

The Mouth and the Smile

Let’s start with the most obvious smile factor; is it a closed lip smile, a partial smile or a full teeth smile? Psychologists claim that most people who have a closed lip smile are hiding something, or are reluctant in some way or another. While some go to the extreme and claim it’s a sign of secret resentment, others believe a closed-lip smile may simply be hiding nervousness, low self-esteem or other similar factors. Sometimes closed lip-smiles can indicate control, as if the person is trying to leash his or her natural enthusiasm.

On the other hand, a person who gives you a full smile with pearly white teeth has nothing to hide. This person is usually confident, or at least ingenuous to a fault. (As in he doesn’t know you’re laughing at him) A person at the halfway point (some teeth showing, but with the mouth hidden) are reluctant about life or at least about the photo being taken.

The Eyes and the Smile

read his smileYou can tell a lot about a person from his or her eyes, especially if they are staring directly into the camera (showing a “let’s do this!” style readiness, or looking slightly away from the camera, showing hesitance or secretiveness. Also, beware of the “fake” smile, which looks like direct eye contact at first glance but also looks slightly “spaced out.”

Heavy eye lids can indicate calmness or even cynicism, while wide open eyes can show surprise, disingenuousness, anxiety or a note of sarcasm. Squinting is associated with evaluation, uncertainty or deception. Closed eyes mean precisely what they show; shutting the world out. The “doe eyed” expression refers to a deliberate softening of the eyes, which is a relaxation of muscles around the eyes, with slight defocus. This is usually an expression related to romance, passion and in the context of an online profile, very flirtatious.

A Tilt of the Head and a Smile Makes a Difference

Looking up in a photo can indicate deep thought, recollection, boredom or even confrontational, if taken from a lower perspective. A person lowering his/her visage while raising the eyes is universally seen as coy and suggestive or perhaps judgmental.

Looking down indicates a submissive spirit, though with eyes pointing left or right, could indicate emotional or memory recall. A sideways glance usually means suspicion, irritation or at least some point of distraction that is interfering with the photo.

The Best Way to Smile in a Photo

The best way to smile into a photo is head on and at a medium distance; enough to see a person’s face and upper torso. The subject should not get too up close and personal, as this could be interpreted as a sign of intimacy, confrontation or self-absorption.

You also have to consider smiling in the context of the scene. Is the smile photo showing a social situation, an action scene, an amateur photo, or is it a headshot? Headshots are professional photos and somewhat hard to penetrate, whereas amateur shots tend to reveal a lot of personality. A social setting photo, especially one where you are having fun, is certainly the best way to communicate more of your true personality in a profile picture.

Knowing some of these tips may lead you to some interesting revelations about your online friends!