Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

online dating profile picture tips

Choosing dating site profile pictures

How to Choose a Hot Photo for Hot or Not

Whether you like Hot or Not, Rate O Meter, Rate My Looks, or Rate My Foot (that’s a joke…at least we hope it is) then you are no doubt very interested to know what kind of picture you should upload for your dating profile. The idea of a “rate me!” feature on a dating site is a great one, not only for ice breakers (some sites actually have a rate my photo feature in addition to a chat and browse function), but also for anonymously testing your dating photo before you post it on a well populated dating site.

A variety of photo poses have been tried before, from headshots to activity pictures to even quirky humorous poses. Instinct says that you should just post a photo that you think you look good in…confidence is important right? True, but following a general precedent might help win extra points based solely on your looks, and not on your bad artistic choices.

Good dating profile photos

It’s important to remember that many amateurs take photos and post them on rate sites. While some amateurs have a natural gift for photography and framing a shot, others approach this art haphazardly, creating all sorts of weird and unflattering angles. It’s best not to recycle a picture (from your old archives) unless people have already remarked that it’s a great one. Otherwise, it’s best to post new pictures of yourself and pictures that were made exclusively for a Rate Me or dating websites. (Meaning, not photos you and your drunken friends took last New Year’s Eve party)

Beautiful people usually do get high grades, even if their presentation is unpolished. The reason for this (besides the fact that men have the highest voting turn-outs) is because people that want a high rating dress for the occasion. They put on clothing that is neat and attractive and give a friendly smile for the camera. They may also wear skimpy outfits, which always help if the poser has a good body shape.

While a nice face and body usually go a long way in getting a 7 or 8, what factors really push for 9s and 10s? The most popular photos are direct; these photos give viewers friendly headshots as well as full body shots, or at least half a body shot, enough to show the head and torso area. Dispositions can fair from happy to mysterious; colors of clothing should match the mood of the poser. Artsy photos or magazine style shoots also get extra credit, provided they don’t obscure the person’s face or body shape. We love it when ordinary cuties transform themselves into movie stars!

Worst dating profile pictures

Discriminating raters may subtract points for amateur mistakes, like pictures that have been obviously cropped, or photos that purposely hide the eyes or the face of the subject. Even if you’re submitting to a rate my sexy photo website, you will lose points for not including the eyes, smile and facial shape. The most annoying photos are the ones that purposely blot out the face or obscure the visage in shadow. We don’t really want to rate just bodies. (There are porn stars for that type of thing) We love faces!

Another common mistake that may lower points is when a person posts a large headshot photo that cuts off his/her forehead or lower chin. Beware of profile shots, as they can obscure the fact, and badly lighted shots that compromise your entire skin tone. Blurred images (even slight blurs) will be underappreciated, as will photos that feature a sad or gloomy face, or even worse, a “morning face” with no touch up.

For the best results, think date-night presentation. Fix yourself up and take a dozen shots or so, choosing the ones that bring out your most attractive personal qualities for your online dating profile picture.