What Your Profile Picture Says About You

What Your Profile Picture Says About You
Did you know that your profile picture says a lot about you? No, not just the type of body shape you have, or the type of race you are. A photograph is an inside look into your soul and you want to show a beautiful soul on a dating website. Despite what they say about judging a person by appearances, you can actually tell a lot about a person from their eyes, their facial expression, their body posture, their clothing and the background.

Important Photo Factors

Everything matters in a photograph. A poor quality picture shows a lack of concern. A professional quality headshot shows that you take your appearance seriously. The background setting can give a date a lot of insight as to what is going on inside your mind. For instance, serene sunsets speak a great deal as to your inner values. On the other hand, a bar or club in the background speaks volumes as to your party going ways.

A person’s smile is very important and communicates not just friendliness but also the type of friendliness you are prepared to offer. Teeth-smiles indicate genuineness, while closed lip smiles strongly imply hesitance. Wide open or bulging eyes your general excitement level, while calmer eyes suggest poise and control.

The direction you are facing is likewise important. A headshot of you staring into the camera shows approachability, while a sideways glance or looking away from the camera shows distraction in your life. Looking up or down can also suggest problems with a person’s attitude, whether showing superiority or shyness.

A full body shot definitely shows you are proud of your life and body, while wearing sexy or revealing clothing shows your high passion. Naturally, professional clothing suggests a formalistic approach to dating, while casual clothing shows your down to earth nature. A person who gets all dolled up for a photo will likely take all manner of appearances seriously. Likewise, a person who doesn’t care about a plain looking photo just doesn’t care in general.

Types of Photos

It’s also important to consider types of photos, especially photo clichés, which suggest a great deal about your dating style. For instance, portrait photos that show the chest and face area suggest confidence, traditionalism and perhaps an aspect of commercialism. Far shots suggest privacy and perhaps a low level of confidence or shyness.

Close up shots suggest a certain amount of aggression, (even if it’s “aggressive” longing for intimacy) and perhaps even low-self confidence in some other aspect of life. An old photo that has obviously been scanned suggests that one lives in the past, or at least that one would rather think of the old days than waste time posting an up to date picture.

Showing animals in photos shows another level of distraction, attention-diversion and perhaps even a certain longing to be loved. Animal photos may also be a heads up, stating that if you can’t love my animals, you can’t love me! The same with children. In fact, showing your child in a photograph is a strong signal of personal achievement and life devotion.

Wacky photographs are common, whether they feature a handsome person doing absurd things or even a strange pop culture reference. This does a great job of showing your sense of humor. However, it could also be conveying a general lackadaisicalness to life and dating, or hiding behind a mask.

So friends, remember to take great pride in creating your online picture. Your photos are an extension of your image. This is the “label” you are creating yourself, and what your potential dates will think of when they start talking to you. Don’t be content just to snap a quick headshot…think about what you want to say and include that in the your dating website profile picture.