What to Write on Dating Profile

how to write a good dating profile

So, was your last profile description a disaster? Did you notice all your new friends suddenly went invisible every time you showed up? This is what you call virtual BO. And that usually results from a bad profile description which avoid as from having a good dating profile. We’re not even going to discuss a bad profile picture, because you should know by now that pictures of ALF are not going to win you any points. Your dates want honesty, attractiveness and a nice image showing success.

How to Write a Good Dating Profile

Why are profiles so hard to write?

Now you’re probably thinking, why are profiles so hard to write? Indeed, it is hard to summarize your entire 20 or 30 something years of existence into a few sentences. If only you could show an entire movie of your life, starring Ryan Reynolds or Natalie Portman as you. Alas, you cannot.

So the most common mistakes people make is trying to cram too much information into a tiny profile description field. They try to say everything—from their life’s story, to their last three relationships, to their deepest darkest secrets. It doesn’t work! Stop trying to make your profile description your life thus far. At the same time, don’t under-write it. Use the space you are given to make a point.

The worst profiles in online dating are the ones that ramble on to no end, say nothing and that seem abrupt and stoic. That said, even a fairly well written profile is not guaranteed to get you attention from your ideal partner. Sometimes you can work all afternoon on a good profile… only to be labeled as Average Guy (or Girl) by your prospective dates.

Writing a great online dating profile

How to Write Interesting Descriptions

So what can you do to hype up your dating profile? Stop thinking in terms of who you are, and start thinking more about what you have learned in life. Think of those trailers you see on movie previews. Think of the evocative images. The life lessons. The main point of the story. This is what you should be conveying to your dating prospects.

In fact, the description should match the profile picture you provide. Tell a story with your profile picture and explain that story with your words. Do not make the story of your life too complicated. Keep it simple but powerful. Express your thoughts and feelings. There is no need to wow people with your word usage. Descriptive sentences work much better than $20 words.

When describing your life, take the time to describe the things that are important in your life. Your main interest and focal points. What you have learned, and the wonderful things that inspire you. Always strive for a positive tone, showing people that you don’t have any baggage or “defects in the merchandise.” There is NO NEED to sell yourself; instead show your good qualities by your positive lifestyle. Talk about yourself with a whole world perspective. In other words, it’s not just me me me, but what you have to offer others.

Lastly, give your prospective dates a certain thing to ask you about. Whether it’s a pet, a career, a hobby, or whatever you can come up with, make it easy on your prospects by volunteering a topic of interest. People don’t like having to come up with ideas for conversations by themselves. However, if you leave them something quaint and memorable (“I have a pet ferret!), they will probably use that as a conversation starter.

Think of a good dating profile like an Internet product catalog featured along the dating websites. A good picture and a good name sell the product. A good description just provides details to what the “buyer” already knows. When selling yourself, project a successful image and use those extra fields to make your point.