How to Turn a Guy Off Online

How to Turn a Guy Off Online
The very idea of turning a guy off might seem impossible! After all some guys are turned on by poop, and happen to think that girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. Indeed, you will find that most guys are not turned off by physical appearances at all. There are male lovers of every physical imperfection, from big beautiful women to even French women that don’t shave.

However, there are ways to turn a guy off and these scenarios usually have more to do with emotional and mental turn offs, rather than strictly physical. You may want to use this article as a reference on what not to do, or at least for ideas on to scare away Don Juans from Egypt who can barely spell the word “beautiful.”

Physical Problems That Indicate High Maintenance Girls

Usually, the only reason guys are turned off physically by a woman is if they sense some type of personality disorder behind the imperfection. For example, a lot of guys are actually turned off by women who are too skinny. (This could indicate problems with bulimia, anemia or a starvation diet) Some guys are instantly turned off by women who wear scowls on their faces, especially if the occasion is supposed to be fun.

Some guys even have problems with too much makeup or overly sexy clothing, since they figure such a high maintenance woman might be too much to handle after one night of passion. Naturally, a woman that doesn’t try to look attractive and looks plain or greasy can be a turn off, though there are men that prefer the natural look to the Cosmo girl façade. Bad teeth are a sure way to ruin a nice smile.

A bad girl image may work to your advantage or to your detriment, depending on the type of guy you want to attract. Some men are turned off by tattoos, piercings and images of liquor, drugs or smoking. Then again, some men like the idea of a wild child and may be more attracted to the girl. It really depends on whether you’re going for Glenn Beck or Howard Stern, if you catch my drift.

turn guys offWhen you’re dating online, the facial expression is all the more important. In person, you can change your facial expression at will. However, when you are online your fixed profile photo will instantly label you as a type. First impressions are arguably more important online than in person. For this reason, including profile photos with animals, other men, or even other girlfriends can be intimidating to a man looking at your profile for the first time.

Unwomanly Online Behavior

It’s actually much easier to turn a man off by behaving badly than it is to look questionable. For example, unhappy or stalker-like expressions can turn a man off—especially a man that has other options. A very lonely man with no options may enjoy a stalker, who knows. Sharing too much information or getting too clingy too quick also sends red flags.

Yes, a woman’s behavior does matter. While many guys do enjoy a challenge they do not enjoy suffering abuse at the hands of an angry woman. Attitude problems, witchy behavior, an obnoxious chatting manner (interrupting, not listening, etc.), and a general condescension may turn off a man with at least a minimal amount of self-esteem. If you’re going after a “brainiac” with confidence, don’t show your ignorance nor your disdain for intelligent conversation.

And if you really want to turn a guy off, start talking about STDs, pregnancies and everything else regarding the consequences of sex, which are decidedly unromantic. Men are boys at heart, and no boy likes being chased off the playground. Now be sure to use these turn off tricks responsibly!