Love and adventure

love and adventure

Love and relationships = risk

This is enough to turn some people off even setting out on this adventure. Some after experiencing the losses & costs may alter their behavior so as to minimize the loss & the transformation that calls itself Love. However like any great adventure these journeys are not to be missed or even to be minimized in their experience. Any good explorer or adventurer would tell you that the unknown carries with it inherent risks and no guarantees but would also encourage you to prepare and proceed so as not to miss the experience (one of the greatest that Life offers).

The preparation and tools required are listed below

adventure for love Prepare to surrender to forces greater than yourself, Mother Nature can be awesome and at other times horrendous. In times of great danger, always look after yourself first before you try to help members of your team, this ensures that you will be healthy enough to really serve them.

Know that you will feel vulnerable as each time you will always feel that you are on new territory and that vulnerability can help keep you alive by giving you realistic and true information about yourself. Protection from the elements is necessary in any Love adventurer’s pack too long exposure to extreme weather either heat or cold can affect your ability to continue the journey.

Fuel is also an important ingredient which can hopefully be gathered from the natural surroundings, if not as in more Arctic regions, and then you may need to carry same with you. Fuel of course is the source of preparation of nourishment & warmth without which any human will perish!

Food is important as a source of sustainment along the way. If you can source this from your natural surroundings then well & good, but it may come in handy to also be carrying emergency reserves. A general map of the terrain you plan to cover of course is of utmost necessity. This can be obtained from your past experience with Love and from feedback from your team’s experience.

Reading a handbook about the possible challenges and risks beforehand is extremely beneficial. The more information the better! It may be helpful to carry this with you as in the stress of emergency situations, your mind may not be easily accessible and you will then have that support to hand if you cannot access support from those on your team.

adventures of love

In this technological age, some form of communication that connects you with the outside world will also help e.g. phone or pc that connects you broadly & personally to information that may help you on the journey, as the dating sites will connect you with potential lovers. Some small daily routine to support yourself has proved helpful in strange environments as it can provide continuity in situations that are totally foreign.

Any quantity of COURAGE that you can access or acquire will be your main standby, because it is after all an adventure!

In spite of all this preparation you may often feel vulnerable, small & completely unprepared & of course LOST but you are guaranteed a peek into the ‘Heart of Things’! Keep going because each step you take means that we all benefit for our own journeys! Love and adventure go by the hand.