How to Identify Fake Profiles on Dating Sites

how to identify fake profiles on dating sites

So, are you getting hot and bothered at the prospect of a casual affair with a sexy stranger? Hold it right there! Not to rain on your parade, but did you know that some dating websites actually host fake user accounts? That’s right my friends. You could be flirting with a robot. And not a cool robot like Bender. Just an artificial life form with no personality.

Why Are There Fake Profiles?

There are actually a number of reasons why you might meet a fake profile. Some scam companies actually create fictitious IDs just to boost their memberships. They download a bunch of stock sexy photos and install an application that simulates an “online status.”

Of course, it’s important to realize that practically every online dating site probably has fake profiles through no fault of its own. Sometimes spammers create fake profiles to boost traffic to their porn sites. And yes, sometimes lonely guys with no life may pretend to be a woman. Another trend reported in recent years is when questionable companies ask employees to pose as “single women.” These fake singles will flirt with guys just long enough to have them sign up for a contract. She may even “lose interest” in the poor fellow, after he pays.

How Can You Tell if a User is Real or Fake?

For starters, be very suspicious of a beautiful user that starts chatting with you within moments of your registration. These are usually robots or employees. Check out the profile picture; does it look like a real person or does the photo look like recycled soft porn? Most fake users only post one picture and this is a dead giveaway. Real girls can’t stop posting pictures of themselves!ç

How to Tell if Your Online Squeeze is Real

Does the profile sound believable? Are there plenty of personal details that a spammer would probably not take the time to fill out? Most fake users don’t bother to fill in any personal data, especially as regards what she is looking for.

Oh yeah, and most women (in case you haven’t noticed in real life) are discriminating to a fault. So any online hottie that says she’ll be satisfied with you no matter your height, weight, personal habits or income level is just…yeah, jerking your chain.

Seeing Through the Method Actors

fake userNext, ask yourself if the person is actually addressing the things you say. First of all, robots will not respond to specifics. They will respond generically, and usually just ask you to try some feature on the site. Real women are not so easy…or at least not so easy for the likes of you. Though the idea of a woman approaching you online is not out of the question, such a woman usually does have her own topic of conversation. Don’t fall for any website that demands you sign up for a paid membership before you can even respond to a flirt.

What if your questionable user continues to talk to you even after the registration and membership? Again, note the specifics. Women usually want intellectual conversation rather than just instant cybersex, fast webcam sharing, or tons of photos. Paid females usually have an agenda to the conversation, even if they’re not pushing membership. They may be trying to center the entire conversation on you, so you will feel as if you received your money’s worth.

In reality, women tend to want to talk about themselves and not just about you. (Or how much she wants you, etc.) Of course, some guys like flirting with robots and company employees, so if that’s what does it for you, ignore this advice. For the ones that don’t, keep an eye out for the completed profile and then proceed cautiously.