Fake online relationships – Faking it online?

fake online relationships

Fake online relationships

No, we’re not talking about an orgasm. In fact, we’re not entirely sure how to fake an orgasm through text messages. If you know, please let us know. What this refers to is faking a relationship when you’re dating online in some of the well known dating online sites. What does it mean, to fake a relationship? are fake online relationships common? It means that you adapt yourself to the other person, charming him or her, so that you can accelerate a relationship you are not sure you want.

Why People Fake It

You may think that faking anything is shallow and emotionally cruel, but it’s understandable why people do it. Many singles are torn on the idea of waiting for the perfect lover or “settling” for someone that they like. Obviously, no one likes the idea of “buyer’s regret.” No one wants to dump his/her significant other, only to find out the perfect date never came along and that the dumped lover is now happily married. That’s the nightmarish scenario and that is exactly why so many lovers put relationships on hold, avoid marriage, break up and get back together again, and use all sorts of stall techniques.

Everyone wants the perfect romance. However, waiting for perfection may be a bad idea. There is no perfect lover or “destiny” waiting for you. You make your own love story happen. That said, settling on someone that you don’t really feel an attraction for can make for a miserable marriage. The answer is to carefully consider what qualities you need, and what qualities you want. Whenever you find a mate that has your list of “needs”, it’s best to get serious about the relationship and put away any fanciful wishing of a movie romance. On the other hand, if your partner only addresses your wants and not your needs, then you are trying to build a relationship on a very shaky foundation.

How to Fake It

Then of course, we have the recurring scenario of faking it just long enough for sex. It’s fairly easy to “fake” a relationship for casual encounters. You simply act interested in the other person, become their ideal lover and provider, and adapt your perspective to share his/her set of values. Other people will usually believe you if you (a) lie to their faces, (b) show actions that reinforce your lies, and (c) give a lot of corny movie speeches on how much you love them.

You also have to be careful not to overdo it or give yourself away. In fact, most singles mistrust men or women who are too eager. You must balance romantic interest with confidence and a laid-back attitude that suggests you are internally happy with or without the relationship.

Should You Fake It?

Now that you know how to fake it, should you fake it? This raises many deep questions about morals, ethics and karma. There are many sexually active individuals who still live honestly and only engage in intercourse if there is an understanding of no commitment. Then there are “players” who actually lie to and deceive their way into various bedrooms. Players do live a dangerous lifestyle, and not only in the crazy-ex-is-coming-to-kill-you sense. Players live and “die” by their own lifestyle and can eventually turn their friends against them because of dishonest behavior. A player may even find it difficult to convince someone he falls for that his honest feelings are genuine.

The best way to get laid, ironically, is to hide nothing but to be honest about what you want in a short-term relationship. This speeds up the dating process and also prevents misunderstandings. Play and get caught, or date with no strings (or stress) attached. The choice is yours.